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If you are looking for knowledgable and caring counselling services for yourself, a family member, or a young person in your care, you have come to the right place. 

Many Stories Therapy offers in-person, on-line, and walking-and-talking counselling services for youth and adults of all backgrounds. 

Life is enormously difficult sometimes and we are not meant to carry and make sense of these challenges on our own.


All of us as human beings, at every age and stage, are creatures of story. We make sense of who we are, what we've been through and where we are headed in life, all through the stories we tell ourselves and others.

We are each made up of our own unique set of many stories that we embody and live by. In turn, these stories embody and live through us. While our stories are constantly evolving and will never be final, we will all face difficult and distressing times when we just can't seem to find the right story - or get un-stuck from the wrong one. 

Therapy can be a place to bring those stories that we are unsure of and questioning, are limiting us, are confusing, or ones we feel in knots about. We can bring stories that feel under-developed or ones we feel stuck with, whether they are brand new stories or really familiar ones. 

Therapy can be a place to bring stories we don't yet have our footing in, or ones that require some kind of examination, unpacking, change, or re-sizing. 

We can bring stories to therapy that call to us for some kind of healing or rest. 

Therapy can be a place that helps our stories to breathe a little - a place where meaning can be opened up, rather than pinned down. 

Therapy can be a place to bring those stories that feel ripe - and are simply calling out to us to be told. 

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All of life's experiences/challenges/transitions/losses/crisis are kinds of stories that can be brought into therapy. I will meet you and your stories in your own words and terms and talk collaboratively with you about matters the most to you at this time - and where you are hoping to get to.

Some of the most common stories that come into my therapy practice are/and my areas of expertise include: 

anxiety, depression, trauma, ptsd, change or loss, work related stress, 'burnout', overwhelm, grief, stress, anger/frustration, 

relationship dilemmas, eating or body image concerns, self-harm, 'self-esteem', substance use, and/or experiences that relate to feeling stuck, lost, uncertain, or a sense of failure in life.

Some sub-specialties include: 

Supporting adults and young people who have experiences with abuse, violence, bullying, and trauma. 

Supporting individuals and couples with pregnancy decision making, unintended pregnancies, or pregnancy loss.   

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Email or call to set up a free consultation, ask questions, or to book an appointment. 

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My office is located at 992 Portage Ave in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

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